Monday, March 31, 2008

Giant head made of computer parts at the ACCRC

Here's a 20-second video of a 9-foot tall head (skull?) made out of computer parts. It can be found at the Alameda County Computer Resource Center, a non-profit that accepts electronic junk and either refurbishes it, or, like yesterday (when the Makers were there), lets people pick through it.


student of gomi said...

This is james from accrc. I am having e-mail issues at the moment but I have something coming in that you may find useful so here it is. I have approx 15000' of military grader fiber coming in over the next couple of days.

Im talking many crates. The description given to me is "half a large semi load".

Kate Greene said...

James: Wow! Unbelievable. I'd love to come over and pick some up when it arrives. Please keep me posted, either here or at katiegreene at mac dot com. You are truly amazing.

student of gomi said...

got the first load in today. Took a 250 ft section pointed one side at the sun and dragged the other to the darkest corner of the warehouse. Pic of the emmiting end is on my blog.

Got samples on hand. will have two big rigs more on monday. Come play with us.